A leg ulcer is a wound below the knee and above the ankle that takes more than 2 weeks to heal. These are usually a result of a minor knock that due to poor circulation, fails to heal. Knocks, bumps and scrapes on the lower limb typically heal slowly in comparison to other parts of the body, but moreso in the presence of venous insufficiency, arterial disease and associated symptoms such as leg oedema (swelling).

It’s important that leg wounds are assessed and treated as soon as possible and any delay is managed as quickly and as effectively as possible.

With the correct diagnosis, skin care routine, advanced wound care products and an appropriate medical device (compression therapy) to improve the circulation, we can get that spring back into that step.

Skin Tear

This 97 year old lady knocked her leg on a mobility frame causing a lower limb skin tear. Following a full holistic assessment, including a blood flow test (Ankle Brachial Pressure Index – ABPI – Doppler), a simple plan of care was implemented within 48 hours of injury. Despite a degree of controlled heart failure and limited mobility, this lady went on to a full recovery within 5 weeks.